How to get traffic from tube sites using amateur content

People love genuine amateur videos due to a sence of real presence, the authenticity of the action, hot real girls and couples make them curious. Amateur content will never become unpopular. It is not getting old so fast as mainstream content. This means that you can make money even with the old amateur content which you bought 5 or even 10 years ago. But! Like with every adult niches and content types nowadays it requires some skills for making money with adult content. It is not magic tricks. It is certain steps to get adult traffic and sell your porn effectively. I gathered some of them for you:

Content Re-Uploading Method

You can get 10-15% of porn site traffic using adult content Re-Uploading method.

Call it Video cutting.

You get a legal high-quality porn video from the other porn website or using licensed adult content which you can buy from us and you cut it in half.

Now upload Part 1 of your video on 5-10 different porn tube sites and use:

“Watch part 2 on –” as your video title. If you upload an attractive and high-quality video, people who are interested in seeing part 2, will visit your website.

It would be great to upload Part 2 on your porn site. It shouldn’t be just clickbait in order to get visitors to your site. Once they come to your porn site, they should not end up watching other videos or get your Pop-up ads only. You will make your surfer angry. Give your visitor a satisfactory reason to stay and watch more and more of your fresh content. Give him that Part 2 to watch, like you promised. Even if he finally leave, most of them come back for more.

You will be getting a lot of visitors using this method. You can insert your intro, outro, but we strongly recommend you to add watermark using some basic video editor, you can use a free program like Windows movie maker or some paid options.

Watermark is a small image you can put at the bottom right corner of your video. You might have noticed RedBridges watermark watching trailers for every video set we add to our adult content store. Your watermark should be visible like the same during the whole video, it will catch everyone’s eyes, protect content from theft and it will also generate traffic to your porn site. When you buy adult content from us – every video and photo comes without any watermarks on it and in original quality (without any compression). That is one of the reasons why you should use paid adult content. Avoid stolen or illegal content. Avoid torrents.

SceneFishing is the second Re-Uploading method.

Collect the best scenes from your licensed adult video, create a small compilation of those scenes (2-4 minutes), and upload it to other porn sites using:

“Watch FULL HD video on –” as your video title.

You can also cut only 1 scene from your video, for example, the blowjob part, and add few other teasers at the end of your video.

The third method is the Niche Re-Uploading.

It’s much easier to get re-uploading traffic on a niche website.

Let’s say you create a porn site with a Homemade niche, you can download HD amateur video from other porn sites or use bought licensed adult content, and you can add your Intro, Outro, and Watermark saying:

“Watch HD Homemade video for free –” and you will get highly targeted visitors who are looking for amateur homemade videos + if you add high-quality homemade videos on your website, you will get returning visitors and a lot of traffic from your porn uploading.

You can also create niche websites for different Amateurs, Lola Teen for example, and you can buy HD Lola Teen videos using our adult content store. Create a compilation of the best scenes from that video and use:

“Watch FULL HD Lola Teen videos –” as your video title, in order to attract Lola Teen fans.

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